Nutrition counseling

The goal of our nutrition counseling is to find the optimal way and composition of meals individually set according to the needs and goals of each one of you.

How’s it going to go?

First, I’d love to meet you and ask you a few questions to find out your goal and current diet. We measure on InBody, so that we know where we are at and have a “starting point” to which we can come back and compare later. Then I will make you a nutrition plan based on your wishes – whether you need to increase your fitness, gain weight, reduce, feel less tired or increase the proportion of muscle mass…

I will be with you every step of the way and I will advise you on how to achieve your goal. We will meet according to your schedule so that we can discuss how the new plan suits you, or adjust it and learn something new about healthy eating and nutrition. Of course, each consultation I can measure you on InBody for free so we can compare it with past results.

I will help you to maintain motivation and explain to you the basic principles of nutrition, so that you learn to “work” with your body and later already master everything yourself.

What is Inbody, anyway?

It’s one of the most accurate and reliable body analysis devices. The measurement is completely non-invasive and provides a detailed analysis of the composition of the body. You will learn not only the percentage of fat, water and muscle in the body, but also many other interesting parameters.

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