Bc. Barbora Poulová

6 years ago, I started studying Applied Physical Activities at Charles University FTVS, where in 2018 I was a bachelor’s degree graduate. I am currently finishing the last year of Mgr. study in the same field. Among other things, I completed a course in the SM system according to MUDr. Laughter and nutritional counseling in practice.

I completed a massage course as part of lifelong learning at FTVS UK. In 2017, I worked as a masseur in the physiotherapy surgery Center of Healthy Backs in Vršovice. I do sports, relaxation / classical massages as well as cupping.

So I do not only play the sport of healthy people, but also people with special needs, ie with any handicap, impairment or problem. I also have experience in leading and coaching children in various sports, such as athletics or acrobatic rock and roll. I also practice Alpinning at Sportcent Evropská and I am actively involved in massages. So I work with children, adults and seniors.

Since I have been doing top sports aerobics for a very long time, I am very close to a dispute, from the very beginning to a real drill!

Nowadays, stress plays a big role in people’s society. That is why I am actively involved in various types of breathing, which should be both natural and also release tension in the body and muscles. I try to appeal to the breath of clients during their exercises and in the future I would like to focus more on breathing lessons.

Classic massage

It helps not only to relax stressed and stiff muscles, but also to eliminate pain caused, for example, by inappropriate work habits or increased physical activity.

30 minutes …………………… 450, –

60 minutes …………………… 850, –

90 minutes …………………… 1050, –

Regenerative massage

It helps to quickly eliminate muscle pain and fatigue, improves blood circulation and metabolism, improves muscle regeneration after work or other stress.

30 minutes …………………… 500, –

60 minutes …………………… 900, –

90 minutes …………………… 1100, –

Deep massage with Trigger points

A very effective, therapeutic massage aimed at eliminating myofascial disorders in the muscles. The basis of the massage is the tactile finding of trigger points, the so-called Trigger points, which are one of the causes of pain in the muscles, and their massaging.

45 minutes …………………… 750, –

60 minutes …………………… 1000, –

Sports massage

Sports massage is composed of an organized set of suitable massage touches, which are to prepare athletes from both a physical and mental point of view to perform a certain sporting performance.

30 minutes …………………… 500, –

Rezervace termínu




The massage must not be performed in the following cases:

  • febrile or acute inflammatory diseases
  • conditions requiring bed rest
  • after ingestion of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances
  • immediately after the meal (ideally 2 hours from the last big meal)
  • more severe bleeding conditions (hemophilia, leukemia, etc.)
  • abdominal diseases associated with inflammation or bleeding
  • abdominal injury
  • more serious heart disease (need consultation with a doctor)
  • in diseases of the gallbladder and urinary tract
  • in cancer
  • epilepsy
Local contraindications

The massage must not be performed only in certain places

  • in places of purulent or fungal diseases
  • in areas of inflamed joints
  • in places of bleeding injuries or more extensive contusions, fractures, etc.
  • in places of burns, scalds, etc.
  • in places of varicose veins, inflammation of the veins or leg ulcers
  • in places of swelling of unclear origin
  • in sensitive areas such as the hamstrings, armpits, groin, front of the neck
  • in the abdomen in women during menstruation and during pregnancy

On the day of the massage, we recommend ensuring sufficient fluid intake.


Massage is a burden for the body just like any other physical exercise, even though it doesn’t look like that.


After the massage, we recommend increasing your fluid intake, preferably clean water (water with lemon) to make it easier for the body to get rid of harmful substances. We recommend avoiding sweetened, energy or caffeinated drinks and higher doses of alcohol.


During the massage, a number of unwanted substances are released in the tissues, and if the body is not sufficiently waterlogged, the lymphatic system cannot take these substances out of the body.